Welcome to the Boardgrade Upgrades Section.

All of the upgrades shown are available from mawihtec’s Etsy Store and are printed to order. Just click on an image to go direct to the listing for more images and pricing information.

Outlive Boardgame Upgrades

OUTLIVE Search and RadiationTokens

Splendor Insert

Barenpark Insert

Boardgame Bits n Chits Holders

Volcanos for Karuba

Windowed Storage Solution

Shadows of Brimstone


Castle Defence upgrades

Fields of Green

Elder Sign Focus Character Holders

Deck Box 40 with initials

All of the upgrades shown are aftermarket unofficial designs available from mawihtec’s Etsy Store . Please note they are all printed to order. Some of the items are mawihtec’s exclusives and others are listed thanks to the use of the creative commons licence attributed by the products designers. All boardgame images are copyright of their respective owners and are not intended to infringe on those rights or to imply official endorsment.