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 Impartial unbiased reviews for all game types. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We promise to be indepth, thorough and honest with all games recieving a minimum of 3-5 full playthroughs before a review is produced. Games must have a complete and final ruleset.


The paid for preview service allows you to get a promotional piece ready for your crowdfunding launch. This will consist of plays of existing prototype products with feedback given to you before final draft. Print and Play versions of games will be considered at extra production cost. All previews will be very clearly labelled as paid for preview material

3D Printing

We offer 3D printing services for all types of consumer. Do you have a file you would like printed? Would you like an insert for your game? Prototyping of game pieces or upgrading existing components?

Get in touch to discuss your needs all work priced individually.

*note currently we are unable to provide miniature prototyping or printing but please check back we are looking to add this service soon

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