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Zombie Legacy

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  • 2-5 Players
  • 60 minutes

What is Zombie Legacy

Society has fallen to the Zombie Hordes. You and a few survivors have banded together to try to survive by scavenging for supplies like gas, food and medicine. But everybody is different and their experience and life before the fall have shaped who they are. Ex-cons, Police, Single Mums. Thieves, getaway drivers, Sword wielding ninja types all these and more. Who can you trust if anyone? Who will stand by your side and who will let you fall? As your stories unfold friendships will be made and broken, factions will form and survival will be about more than the undead. The question is, Do you have what it takes to survive?What is in my Box?

As you would expect from a Legacy game, a lot of the contents are kept secret. What I can tell you is that when you open the box you will find,

  • A board,
  • Zombies (go figure LOL),
  • Player Characters,
  • Boxes,
  • Packs,
  • crates,
  • sealed decks,
  • Tokens,
  • Stickers.
  • Various other components to be revealed.

First order of note is that the copy of Zombie Legacy I received was a prototype copy and as such did not contain all components for the full legacy. The components were also not to full production quality. I have taken these factors into account. Also being legacy I do not want to spoil aspects of the game so have deliberately left some information out or been a little vague where this might have impacted prior knowledge.

Legacy? That sounds scary!

Legacy games are a little bit of a scary prospect for many gamers. The thought of putting stickers onto the board or tearing up cards. There is also the hurdle of perceived value. Normally you buy a game and that is it you play it as often as you want and the 3PG (Cost per player per game) goes down dramatically often being pennies per game for a really popular game. With a Legacy game however you generally have a finite number of games (often 12) which can make a game feel more expensive (it is not).

How does it work?

Zombie Legacy begins with players deciding on a character to play. There are 10 to choose from, 5 male and 5 female. You will then stick their picture to your player board, this is followed by selecting various ‘backstory elements’ and a starting weapon. You will then place these stickers onto your board as well giving you over 2,000 possible starting combinations for a character. Each of these combinations can change how your character develops throughout your journey (more on that in a bit). Once all players have chosen character set-up, you will open the first deck of cards. Following each cards instructions step by step you will set up for your first campaign.

Sounds simple?

The main gameplay within Zombie Legacy is fairly straightforward. Each game consists of a quest that you need to complete. Players move revealing tiles as they go. Uncovering weapons, survivors, medicine or quest items. Then any zombies on the board move according to simple to follow guidelines. Each time a zombie and a player occupy the same tile an encounter occurs. Draw an encounter card which might give you a lucky break and a reward or more commonly give a die modifier to the zombies. Win and you kill the zombie lose and you take damage. Players will try to complete the main quest before the encounter deck runs out. If that happens you will be able to reset that level and replay that quest.

Strategy & character development?

On the surface the co-operative aspect of Zombie Legacy allows you to work as a team to complete your objective on each level. However as you progress through a campaign of Zombie Legacy, your character will gain motivation cards based on your backstory choices. These are mostly hidden bits of information that will guide the way you play the level or even the entire campaign. Other players will also have their own motivations guiding their actions. Can you trust them?

Who is it for?

Zombie Legacy is a lightweight entry into the legacy aspect of gaming. You can raise the difficulty if you are finding the level a little to easy. As such it can be considered as suitable for the more occasional gamer. While also fitting well with the more experienced gamer looking to explore the legacy style game. Given the zombie theme not really recommended for younger players but families with children over 10 should have no issues. Meet-up groups are a little trickier unless you have the same players most weeks because with its 60 minute playtime it is of the right length. Game groups might enjoy the experience if the theme is appealing.

My thoughts.

Zombie style games are not normally my game of choice. Saying that however I did enjoy Zombie Legacy’s approach with the character motivation progression. I did feel it was a little on the light side for my personal tastes BUT as I only had the first 4 episodes to preview. I felt that could be down to the story arcs only just getting established. Well worth a visit especially for those looking to dip their toes into the legacy game genre especially if they enjoy the zombie theme.

  • For my shelf – No,
  • Recommend a friend – Yes,
  • Play again – maybe.

I Was provided a copy of Zombie Legacy for preview through the Board Game Exposure Group. This game will now be passed onto another reviewer. I have tried to make this review as impartial as possible. No recompense was provided or sought for this review from the publisher.

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