Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye

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Darwin Games

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  • 2-6 Players
  • 15-25 minutes
  • 14+ Ages

What is Eye for an Eye?

Here we have an Arena combat, Real time, Dice rolling game with zero downtime. Yes that’s right ZERO downtime. Everything and I do mean everything happens at the same time. Damage dealing, Healing, Blocking, Movement and special abilities are all available at one and the same time. OK I hear you. Real time and dice rolling in the same game? Won’t that just favour the fast rollers? Well read on to find out

What is in my Box?

The copy of Eye for an Eye that I received was a prototype copy and as such component quality and quantity was not finalised. Even allowing for that fact the contents were nice to look at. There were,

  • 30 Dice,
  • Plastic Cups,
  • Tokens,
  • Game board,
  • Player boards,
  • Health tokens,
  • Rulebook,
  • Player Character minis.

There are likely to be several stretch goals upgrading and improving the components throughout the current (at time of writing) Kickstarter campaign

There is also a downloadable soundtrack to create an atmospheric timer.

How does it work?

Gameplay within Eye for an Eye is fairly straightforward. Each player has their own board specific to the race they are playing. These boards have allocation spaces for attacking, defending, special abilities etc. players roll their dice and allocate one, some or all of them however they like. They keep doing this until they decide to use one of the abilities. The Nimbus for example can Heal, Parry (block), Fly (move even over obstacles) and Axe Cleave (attack). They also have the added ability of Gliding which allows them to use two different die results for the same outcome.

A game begins and you all start rolling and trying to outmanoeuvre / attack dealing as much damage as possible. Deal enough damage and you can eliminate an opponent. More commonly in larger groups however is the timer runs out you all total your damage and most life left wins.

Sounds simple?

Gameplay in Eye for an Eye is on the simpler side but this does not preclude the ability to use some strategy. Each of the figures has a special designed base which shows the facing direction at a glance. Get attacked from that direction and you can block. Get taken from behind and you are in for some pain. Deciding when to use the attack or block and how many die to use will be your main focus of strategic thinking. Do you go little and often attack or wait, build up and hit hard. There are several different game modes including an advanced mode with more character cards with extra abilities

Who is it for?

Here is a game for fans of real time play, arena battles and take that will find a lot to enjoy here. With its short play time plenty of room for enjoyment at meet-ups. Not really a game for Euro-nuts but some good fun to be found for family play

My thoughts.

When I played Eye for an Eye the first time I had a lot of fun, playing three rounds back to back introducing the advanced cards from game two. This surprised me as I am not normally a fan of Arena or Real time combat games. A few days later when I played again with some different players I did not get that same wow factor. By my third play a few days later I was very ambivalent towards it as I just felt I had seen what was on offer and there was nothing to keep me coming back. This I think is a fatal flaw in most arena combat games. They can only offer variable player powers to add variety. Ultimately this was fun for the first few times but lost its shine. That being said as a more strategic and euro-y type player I am not really the target for this game. I do urge you to give it a try you might find it more engaging in the long term.

  • For my shelf – No,
  • Play again – No,
  • Recommend a friend – Maybe.

I Was provided a copy of Eye for an Eye for review through the Board Game Exposure Group. This game will now be passed onto another reviewer. I have tried to make this review as impartial as possible. No recompense was provided or sought for this review from the publisher.

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