Lost my Mummy

Lost my Mummy


David Gumbrell

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  • 1-2 Players
  • 20 Minutes
  • 7+ Ages


Lost my Mummy is a card game for 1-2 players. The tuck box storage tells you. ‘Lost my Mummy is a family friendly fast paced card-game. Rave your opponent to find your mummy by searching for clues about Canopic jars, Death wishes and Amulets’. So what does this mean to you and me in real terms? Read on to find out


When you open the tuck box you will discover 72 cards, three themed dice (Red, Blue and Green) and a rules sheet. The artwork throughout is a gentle and lighter depiction of Mummies Tombs and general Egyptian paraphernalia surrounding the titular Mummies.


OK how do you find your Mummy then?

The overarching goal of Lost my Mummy is to find three Mummies. When this happens the player with the most reward money wins the game.

Players start with three Mummy cards valued at 50 King’s Gold Rings. First player rolls the Blue die and draws that number of cards. However if you roll an Eye symbol you forfeit your go. Once you have drawn your cards you choose one to play either a card matching a Mummy or an Action card. If a swap a Die card is revealed the active player gets to upgrade the dice they roll. The remaining cards are discarded play then passes to the next player. Once you have found three matching cards you can turn your Mummy card over keeping it safe and securing your rewards. First player to find three Mummies ends the game and the total rewards from the Found Mummies is calculated highest total wins.


In an attempt to increase replayability there are three variants included on the rules sheet as well as a solo mode on the makers website. In all honesty these variants only change the number of cards required to find your Mummy. Artisan (100 Gold Rings cards) needs sets of four, Scribe (150 Gold Rings cards) needs sets of five and Grand Vizier allows you to select from the three values and collect the correct number of cards accordingly.


Lost my Mummy is a set collection game which is all luck based. Roll a dice, draw cards or miss your go. Pick one to play discard rest. There is no “bad roll” mitigation other than ‘swap a dice’ which allows you to draw more cards. The whole miss-a-go with no mitigation is a horribly outdated mechanic and deserves to be locked into a pyramid along with the Mummies. In one game I played with my son he rolled three Eyes in a row. So for three rounds he sat there doing nothing. He refused to play a second game with me. In fact all players I played with said 1 game was enough.

Pointless, Boring and outdated mechanics mean that at 20 minutes this game still manages to outstay its welcome. I cannot recommend this game even for 7 year olds, there are better games out there.

  • For my Shelf – NO
  • Recommend to Friends – NO
  • Play again – NO

I was provided with a copy of “Lost my Mummy” to review as part of the BGE group. I have now passed this copy on to another reviewer in the group. This has no bearing on my review or my final thoughts on the game.

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