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  • 2-5 Players
  • 10-15 minutes
  • 7+ Ages

What is Kitty-Cataclysm?

You and your fellow felines are a bunch of temperamental squabbling cats. You are keen to gain the most ‘Meowny’. You will strut your stuff scratching and biting your way to the top. You won’t think twice about stepping on the shoulders of others to get there (or their tails, heads or any other bits actually). Will you have what it takes to claim your rightful place as the Top-cat?

What is in my Litter Tray?

Inside the box of Kitty-Cataclysm you will find, A deck of cards and a rules sheet. Yes that’s it. No you do not need anything else. Well apart from other players, but they never come in the box. Although as it is all about being cats you might find one of them trying to sit in the box.


At the time of writing Kitty-Cataclysm has just successfully funded on Kickstarter. Bez has now gone to work on refining the artwork (well to be honest Bez is now starting the art). The preview copy I received was full of hand drawn sketches which if I a, honest I really liked and if they had been given a touch of colour I would have said they were good to go. Sometimes simple is best.

How does it work?

When playing a game of Kitty-Cataclysm you need to be ready to mess with your opponents at every opportunity. Take no prisoners and show no mercy. You start a game with five cards. The starting player plays a card in front of them into a personal ‘Kitty’ then completes the action on the card. Play passes to the next player and so on. If on their turn a player cannot play a card due to having none in their hand. Or a draw from the central stack cannot be completed due to too few cards, the game ends. Count up the ‘Meowny in your ‘Kitty’ and your hand, highest total wins.

Sounds simple?

On the surface Kitty-Cataclysm is a very simple game. To be honest, under the fur Kitty-Cataclysm is a very simple game. But the action on the cards do lead to some surprisingly deep thinky moments. Will you choose to steal 2 cards from another player or try to offload some of your less helpful cards by choosing a card with ‘Donate X’ on it? Some cards are worth negative ‘Meowny’ as well. Do not fall into the trap of hoarding cards though as should a ‘Cat-aclysm’ or ‘Cat-astrophy’ card be played you will lose all your cards over a certain number.


Kitty-Catalysm is very strategy-light. Choosing which card to play when and who to target with an action is in reality the sum depth. This is more a game of Chaotic pun filled dickery or the highest order.

Who is it for?

Here is a quick lightweight game that is suitable for everybody. Yes even those who dislike or are allergic to cats. 7 year olds can easily play this independently. It is safe for Family play, quick meet-up fun and also suitable for a game group when your waiting on a player to turn up or a quick ‘snack’ in between meatier games. In a direct quote from the Kickstarter page

This game is chaotic.

You can be a dick to your friends and family.
There are many cat puns.
You need to think about what card to play.

That is pretty much the entire game.”

My thoughts.

I really like Kitty-Cataclysm. It is a bit of fun that can fit in your pocket, Only takes minutes to play, Suitable for everyone even cat-hating non gamers down the pub. Full of Cat puns of the highest order. Sometimes it is good to just lose the Cat-titude and take a mewment to have a litter Claw-some fun. Do yourself a favour. Contact BEZ and by this game when it is released on BEZ-Day in August 2018.

  • For my shelf – YES
  • Play again – YES
  • Recommend a friend – YES

I Was provided a copy of Kitty-Catalysm for review through the Board Game Exposure Group. This game will now be passed onto another reviewer. I have tried to make this review as impartial as possible. No recompense was provided or sought for this review from the publisher.

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