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Hack Trick:

It’s hacking time!


Mind Fitness Games

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  • 2 Players
  • 15 minutes
  • 10+ Age

What is Hack Trick?

You are two hackers. You need to complete hacks for money and reputation. Your mission, infect a critical combination of global servers or destroy one with a concerted attack. You need to achieve this before your fellow hacker. You need to prove your ability as the greatest hacker alive.

What is in my Box?

Hack Trick packs a surprising amount of fun into a few components. Inside you will find,

  • 1 Rule-sheet,
  • 18 Cards,
  • 20 Virus cubes,
  • 6 Bitcoin markers,
  • 3 Map tiles.

So a card game then?

Sort of. Hack Trick: It’s hacking time is a card based 3 in a row style game in a similar vein to tic-tac-toe. Originally released in 2015 Mind Fitness Games have re-implemented and improved the gameplay with the introduction of a global map. Instead of just putting ‘O’s & ‘X’s onto a board in turns. Where you can place your Virus cubes are restricted through the use of cards and your Hack can also be intercepted with you Virus being intercepted and quarantined.

How does it work?

Each player has a set of Virus cubes. The aim is to place three Virus cubes in a straight line either Horizontally, Vertically or Diagonally. This signifies a successful critical virus attack winning the game (sound familiar?) The other way to win is to succeed in placing three Virus cubes onto a single server. This signifies you destroying the server. 

What about the cards?

Where you target your Virus cubes is not just a free for all. You start the game with a hand of three cards from a deck of 18 numbered and a communal face card in the centre of the play area. On your turn you place a card onto the central area, using the sum of the top card and your played card will allocate your target. You might choose a card to allow you to try to get the eponymous 3 in-a-row. Or will you try to get 3 onto one target. Another option could be to deliberately target an opponents hack This will capture their virus and remove it from their game. You are not usually forced to play (see below) You can opt to draw a card instead. This will strengthen your hand and give you more options going forward.


You might be saying to yourself “this does not seem to have a lot of strategy?”. You are about to be pleasantly surprised. As well as capturing opponent cubes they are not only removed from the opponents pool but can also be turned against them. At the start of your turn you can remove the captured cube from the game to force your opposition to reveal the sum of their cards. This can provide you with valuable information. After placing your cube you could decide to remove on of yours from the game to force the opponent to play a card or to protect you from the same retaliation. So lots of opportunity to mess with their plans.

Who is it for.

Hack Trick is a very light weight quick playing game. Perfect for travel given the small amount of ‘bits’ involved. Even with the designated 10+ age recommendation. This is a game that is easily played by younger players. Not really game group or meet-up use as only for 2 players. But that being said you could play it on the train or in the car while travelling to or from somewhere or even while waiting for food to be served when out and about.

My thoughts.

Light, Fun, non-heavy. Easy to access for all players. Perfect travel or waiting play game with enough strategy to actually need you to concentrate. Not a ‘must have’ more of a ‘nice option to have’ and it only takes a small space on the shelf. The 6”x4”x1½” box is still too big so you can really compact this down further into a cloth bag and shove it into your pocket.

I received a review copy of “Hack Trick: It’s hacking time” through the Board Game Exposure group to review. This game will now be forwarded onto another reviewer. I have tried not to let this influence my review.

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