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  • 2-5 Players
  • 8+ Age
  • <60 Minutes


You have always fancied working for yourself. You wanted the freedom to work where and when you wanted. You wanted to be your own boss. Well now you can. On offer is a chance to have fun and be your own boss. Go where you want with a mobile food truck. Sell the food you want to eat. Great food and great service. Hire staff and show yourself to be the one and only true. Food Truck Champion.


Food Truck Champion comes in a small form box. The artwork is fun and light. Inside you will find,

  • Rulebook,
  • First player card,
  • 6 Critique tokens,
  • 24 Popularity tokens,
  • 95 Game cards,
  • 5 Starting order cards,
  • 5 Owner cards,
  • 5 Food Truck boards,
  • 1 Active player truck token.

Hot Dogs.

The component quality in Food Truck Champion is very nice. The cards feel a nice quality card stock. The active player marker is a nice 3D wooden food truck and the Popularity and Critique Tokens were nice wooden discs. All of these were screen printed. Food Truck (player) boards were nice size with large iconography that is quite easy to understand. I would have liked them to be a little thicker but that is a very minor point.


When I first read the rules of Food Truck Champion I was completely confused. They made no sense. Then I realised it was my fault. The rules are laid out with the card anatomy between set-up and how to play. Because the iconography is so clear I skipped this bit ‘Facepalm moment’. The card anatomy also contains explanations of what the different parts of the card do as well as describing the icons. Cue second read and ‘These rules are simple’. Seriously they are straight forward and easy to understand when you read it properly.

Cold Cans.

The main concept of Food Truck Champion is set collection. You are trying to collect ingredients to complete orders. Completed orders earn you popularity. Most popularity wins. Along the way you will Hire staff, Take orders, Purchase ingredients and upgrade your truck. All of these functions can be achieved with the same set of cards using the clever 3 part card. On one end of the card is listed and ingredient. On the other end you will have a staff member while the middle contains the food order with the required ingredients. How do you use these? Read on to find out more.


Each player in a game of Food Truck Champion starts off with their owner card and a hand of 4 cards. The remaining cards are set as a draw deck in the centre along with some face up cards. On a players turn they are able to do 1 of 3 basic actions,

  • Market Research→ This action allows you to draw 2 cards from the deck into your hand.
  • Take Charge→ You will be able to pick up your Owner card from your player board.
  • Lead a Staff Action→ Use a member of staff from you hand to take a “Staff Action”.

Staff Action.

As you no doubt will have realised the “Staff Action” forms the main part of a game of Food Truck Champion. This action triggers a secondary action phase where starting with the next player. You in turn can choose to copy the Staff Action (play the same staff card). If you choose not to you can Market Research (draw two) or Take Charge (pick up your owner card). Different staff will allow you to do various actions and the strategy is in deciding who to use when.

  • Driver→ Will allow you to collect ingredients from the centre.
  • Cashiers→ enable you let you take orders.
  • Manager→ Hire Staff to take bonus actions.
  • Cook or Chef→ Use ingredients to complete orders.

The more ingredients in an Order the more points it will be worth. Completed Order tickets also count towards bonus point collection targets for end game scoring.


Food Truck Champion was an interesting game to review. I say this because on the surface it looked and felt quite lightweight. Once you got under the surface there was some nice decision making to be had. Which card do you take when? And do you want it as Staff, Ingredient or Order. The artwork from Clare Donaldson is perfect for the theme. Overall I found Food Truck Champion to be fun and enjoyable. There is a good amount of game in the box and it is one I will be seriously considering for my shelf. It will play well with families, meet-ups and boardgame groups. Easy to teach but enough to keep you coming back for more.

I was provided with a copy of Food Truck Champion to preview as part of the BGE group. I have now passed this copy on to another reviewer in the group. This has no bearing on my review or my final thoughts on the game.

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