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  • 2-6 Players
  • 15-30 minutes
  • 5+ Age

What is Quirk Legends?

Back in 2017 I was sent a game for review. It was called Quirk and to be 100% honest I loved it. In fact I loved it so much that my family and I played it every day on holiday. You can read my original review here “Quirk Review”. Fast forward to January 2018 and Emmerse Studios have released their follow up, Quirk Legends. How does it compare? Find out now.

What is in my Box?

Inside the Box you will find 56 cards which include,

  • 39 Character cards (13 Sets of 3),
  • 7 Tactic cards,
  • 7 Skip cards,
  • 3 Defence cards,
  • Rules leaflet.


Yes I am putting my summary here before you get to the review itself.

Why you ask?

To put it simply because I want to save you some time. Buy this game. It is as simple as that and you can also get the original game of Quirk at the same time. Just visit the following link QUIRK LEGENDS” to back for a May 2018 delivery. You can get Quirk legends for £10 or both games for £20. There is even an option to get a Quirky T-shirt as well.

Why should I buy?

  • I have the original game why should I get this one?
  • That is a very good question. As an owner of the original We played the original so much that we almost “overdosed” on it and we also discovered an optimum play style. The designers have taken all the feedback from players and reviewers like myself. They have gone away and improved the rules. Not just that they have also created 13 new characters with new traits “Good”, “Evil” and “Neutral”. All of this works as a standalone version of the Quirk style of play. Where the big sell comes into play is the fact that as well as a standalone game. You can also combine both sets to make a MEGA-Quirk. This would allow you to even exceed the 6 player recommended limit. Family gatherings anyone?

Sell it to me.

If you have never heard or played Quirk. You are in for a treat. At first Quirk Legends appears to be a very simple game. The real love for this game comes from how you play. You start with a hand of cards and need to collect sets of 3. The process of doing this will have you laughing hard. Where most games want you to pick and pass or blind draw (yawn). Here you have to act out the card you want (sound effects are encouraged). How would you pretend to be a wizard? Cue much imaginary wand waving and spell casting. Or would you prefer to be a superhero (puffed chest hands on hips). Add in the relevant sound effects and if your not laughing everyone else around the table will be.

Once you have a set of 3 matching charactera to form “A Quirk” you place them in front of you. Your aim is to get more Quirks than any one else. Getting them is easy it is the holding onto them that is harder. There are Tactic cards that will allow you steal Quirks from other players. You might be lucky to have a Defence card. To, well defend yourself of course. There are also some Skip cards to force people to miss a turn (mwahahaha..Sorry went all Evil Villain there).


Quirk Legends is not a heavy strategy game. To be honest it is in actual fact a very light strategy game. Deciding when to use a Tactic or Skip Card is as tactical as it gets. Instead Quirk Legends like its older sibling Quirk, is all about having some fun and being a bit silly. This is something it achieves with great ease and aplomb. 5 year olds, 40 Year olds or even 80 Year olds will all have fun. They will also all have the same chance of winning. There is a lot of luck involved in what cards you draw when you have been Quirked or when picking who to ask for a Quirk. Be prepared to laugh maniacally at someone without success looking for super villains. Only for the next player to laugh back at you and steal yours. But that is OK Quirk Legends is a fast fun game to play and you can quickly get one game after another played.

Who is it for.

Quirk Legends is squarely aimed at the family market with one hand held affectionately out towards the younger players. Everyone under the age of 12 I have shown it to has loved it instantly. That is not its only appeal. If you are have some friends over and the wine is flowing? Then break out Quirk Legends once everyone is relaxed (he-he). It will get you all screaming with laughter. As for gaming groups? I can see the appeal for some but I do not really see this being a regular in our gaming group (they are busy being cowboys or terraforming Mars).

My thoughts.

I love Quirk Legends for family play. It is a lot of fun. It is a very quick game that does not outstay its welcome. There is almost zero downtime. My family loved the original so much that they took to responding to the Quirk requests in character which really adds to the fun. I can see this happening already with Quirk Legends.

The Good

  • Cards are nice quality.
  • Portable, small size.
  • Fun by the bucket load.
  • Standalone or mix in with original.
  • 100% Family Friendly.
  • Tactics and Skip cards stop runaway leader.
  • Nice artwork.
  • Clear icons.
  • New characters add challenge.

The Bad

  • Could be too light for some.
  • You have to be silly.
  • Won’t be out till May.

I was provided with a copy of QUIRK LEGENDS to review. I have tried to ensure it has little bearing on my review or my final thoughts on the game.

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