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  • 1+ Players
  • 5 Minutes+
  • 8+ Age


Normally when I review a game or an expansion it will boil down to a simple. Like or Dislike, Good or Bad. Wibbell++ (yes the ++ is part of the name) is not a game it is a number of games limited only by your imagination. So Like, Dislike, Good or Bad is all down to you. What you have in actual fact is, A game system. Let me explain.


Wibbell++ is a set of 48 cards. Each of these cards has two large letters on it in the centre. On the bottom of each card is a number. On the top are the two letters repeated. There is around the edge of each card a patterned border. These borders come in six different patterns. Thus creating a large amount of variation. Each of the letter combinations is based on top letter is a more common used while the bottom is a less frequently used letter. What is nice to see is that every part of the card is clear and easy to read. There is no ambiguity over the designs, numbers or letters. Making this one of the most accessible game systems around. Colours are a straight white card with black text. So very totally colour blind friendly.


Thankfully you do not have to try to invent games straight out of the box. That would be just ridiculously daunting and off-putting to many. When you open the box you will find yourself presented with five games and some variants. Along with this there is also an online resource of games created by both Bez and other players all using the Wibbell++ system. This is updated quite frequently so the resource of games is growing. Even before you venture online you will be playing the included games and those are.

  • Faybell. A storytelling game using the centre letter combinations.
  • Alphabetickell. Creating an alphabetical, sequential row of letters longer than your opponent.
  • Grabbell. Letter and Pattern matching game using the centre letters and border patterns.
  • Phrasell. Using centre letters to create themed phrases.
  • Wibbell. Competitive word making using letters from two different cards.


All of the included games are quick to play and easy to learn. You will be making your own variations up within minutes. This is actively encouraged. You will also be surprised at the variation of online games playable with the Wibbell++ game system. You ultimately love or hate Wibbell++ based on how involved you want to get with it. Spend some time and you will be making up several new games.


Yes I did come up with a game myself in the short time I had Wibbell++ for review.

  • Tribbell. A drafting word making game. 2-8 players. Deal all cards. Each player selects a card and places it in front of them face up. Pass remaining cards to the right. Repeat process using following rules. You may pass on a selection on your turn.
  • If pattern matches you must include it with the previous matched patterns in one word. Different patterns can be used to create different words until you have up to 6 different words. Keep passing and playing until all cards are selected or all players pass.
  • Score based on number of cards included in a word using 1/3/5/7/10/15. highest score wins.

I was provided with a review copy of Wibbell++ through the BGE network. This is now being forwarded on to another reviewer. This in no way affects my review or my final thoughts on the game.

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