Word Slam



A review by Mawihtec

  • 3-99 Players
  • 45 Minutes
  • 12+ Age


Yes you read that right. 99 player games are not only possible, I actively encourage them (more if you can). OK just to rewind a moment. I do not enjoy party games. I have never found one I enjoyed. I would have gone as far as saying it was never going to happen. Then Word Slam hit my desk. Here is a game that hit me over the head with the fun stick. Word guessing from 3 players up, but do not panic. You do not need to have a scrabble dictionary in your pocket. Here you will find “storytellers” who have a deck of cards with “story” words on them. Using only these cards and not speaking at all they will try to get “their team” to guess the correct answer words


Inside a box that looks like it has run through a paint factory you will find,

  • 4 Card Holders,
  • 1 Die,
  • 1 90 Second Timer,
  • 200 Answer Cards,
  • 210 Story Cards (105 per team),
  • Rule book.


Rulebook is probably stretching the definition. 4 sides of A4 gives you all the information you could ever need. Including variants and clear picture examples. This is a very easy game to learn.

To start, split into two teams of roughly even numbers. Each team will have their own deck of 105 story cards and 2 card holders. Each team also elects a storyteller. The two storytellers secretly look at the top answer card and roll the die. Each card has 6 answers on it the die result tells the storytellers what this rounds word is.

Once everyone is ready the timer is set and the fun begins. Storytellers must go through their deck looking for words to lead their team to the correct answer. As they find words that could help their team they place them onto the holders. Remember they are not allowed to speak or communicate other than through the cards. As cards appear the team will start to shout out answers. There is not limit to guesses so non stop calling out will ensue. Once a team gets the correct answer or the time runs out. Correct answers get the winning team a card. Unsolved cards are removed from the game.


Now this might not sound like a lot of fun. On the surface of it you would be right. Where the fun actually starts is with the story cards. The section headers in this review are actual words from the story cards. Can you work out the answer? Now think of a group of people of different ages all yelling out random answers. Add onto this, the opposing team will also be calling out their answers. Will they help you? OR will you shout out a few random off-putting answers to confuse them. While your thinking of the answer to the section header story. Hear is another example for you.


Hmm pancakes? Pineapple rings?

Wait another card,


so something you eat that is yellow that is a divided circle?



Word Slam is a difficult game to write a review for. This is only because the fun is only going to really come out as you play. Conveying teams of people calling out random words as fun is a tough ask.

I can only say BUY THIS GAME.

It is suitable for family groups, good for larger game groups, good for conventions, team size is truly irrelevant as long as you can see the cards you can play. In fact I could easily see myself involved in a mega game at a convention or large meet-up where the teams are fluid as people drop in and out or even swap teams. This is one of those games where “winning” is secondary (at least at the start). You will instead be more concerned with thinking “how the hell where we supposed to guess H.G. Wells from LITERARY WATER CONTAINER?

Another nice touch is that the creator has scaled the difficulties of the answer cards from beginner through easy and experienced all the way to expert. A challenge for any age. This is also a game that is suitable for a kids party. Or a drinks party (after a few drinks).

I was wrong

A party game can be fun to play.

You just need the right game.

This is the right game.


Long story short.

  • More fun with more players. Good for all ages. Good in many different settings. Worth having in the collection- Yes.

I received a preview copy of “Word Slam” through BGE to preview. This game will now been forwarded onto another reviewer. I have tried not to let this influence my review.

The correct answer was:- The Smurfs

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