Infinities: Defiance of Fate


Defiance of Fate

From VATAL Entertainment Studio

A preview by Mawihtec

  • 2-4 Players
  • 20-30 Minutes per player
  • 13+ Age


We all know the theory of alternate timelines (if you do not, go and watch Back to the Future 2). Here we look at that very thing two alternative timelines that are connected by rifts in the space time continuum. Temporary tears in the fabric of reality allowing the travel between the worlds. You along with up to three others will control avatars in these worlds Either in the form of adventures or going head to head in a skirmish. What will your timeline hold for you


Normally at this point I would run through the various components of a game. However as this is a pre-production prototype I will not be doing that. However the pictures accompanying this piece should give an indication of art style.

  • Please note that ALL components are liable to change and improvement prior to publication
  • The components received show that a lot of thought appears to have gone into the design and execution of “Infinities: Defiance of Fate” (Infinities from hear on). The Hex tiles appear to be near production with some attractive and distinctive art work. All tokens and pawns are non finalised but were well suited to use.
  • The dice supplied were not screen printed as is the intention for the final production dice.
  • Artwork what was on show was very appealing. There was still a fair bit of “place holder” art on boards and cards. Some of the cards had minor errors (example reference card).
  • The adventure book only contained 3 scenarios from one side of the adventure and the rule book also needed some further proofing.
  • I say all of this for clarity and because the developer is continually in the process of fine tuning and improving. All these should be addressed by the proposed Kickstarter launch of 20th February 2018. and if enough stretch goals are unlocked who knows how sweet this could end up looking


OK. So a game is not just about looks. We all know that. Just how does Infinities play? All players start on the Rift tile you then uncover various tiles based on the scenario or set-up as required. You will then have your avatars player boards. These will be used to keep track of your

  • Power (attack value) used to attack damage and destroy.
  • Tide (momentum) used to activate abilities or prepare and play cards.
  • Fortitude (preservation) used for blocking movement and manipulation of map tiles.
  • Gambits (unique special abilities) Each of the twelve (yes 12) avatars have 4 special abilities that gambit tokens will allow access to and fuel for.
  • Health (toughness) this is the life of your units or how much damage they can take. Different abilities will allow modifying this amount.
  • Influence (turn order) This is a figure normally represented by the tile your currently on.

You will also have a hand of cards (5 initially) that will contain units to bring into play or abilities to be used. These cards will be able to be played directly for their face cost or you can for a potentially lower cost prepare them. This is like a pre-play section. Then for an extra cost bring them into play. Why would you want to do this? Well some cards have a prepared ability which activates while they are waiting to be brought into the play area.


or Adventure?

When you play the Skirmish mode you will be attempting to complete objectives from one of the randomly drawn Skirmish Scenario cards. These have 2 Objective Sets on them and you need to complete the first part of one objective to be able to complete the second. (Think of it like primary and secondary objectives).

When attempting the adventure side of Infinities you will start of with the adventure guide setting out the scenario and telling you the objective. At the end of the game the scenario is concluded based on certain conditions and this will dictate the various resolutions to allow for the next part of your adventure. (this is a little like a choose your own adventure style except the decision is defined by the result of the game).


What I have experienced so far from Infinities: Defiance of Fate. Has to me shown a lot of promise. While the artwork and component quality is not finalised I see a lot of potential for promise here.

In respect of the Skirmish mode I liked the scenario cards they reminded me a little of combat video games. Skirmish combat is not the highest of my attractions to gaming be it board or video. Even allowing for that I still found myself enjoying this aspect. This was down to the strategy of card use and movement affecting starting order. I hope to see this fleshed out a little more in the final release.

Adventure mode was the aspect that most appealed to me with Infinities and I felt this shows a huge amount of promise. We were only able to experience a taster of this but what was evident was that lots of thought has gone into it. If this quality continues we could be looking at a very good adventure romp.

The theme is not the usual overused tropes. This is so refreshing as too many designers fall back on the Cthulhu, Alien, Dungeon crawl aspect so common in the board games industry.


INFINITIES: Defiance of Fate. Lots of promise. Looking forward to seeing if the designers can deliver on this promise when it launches in February 2018. My advice is put it in your diary and stay up to date on their Facebook page.

I received a preview copy of “Infinities through BGE to review. This game has now been forwarded onto another reviewer. I have tried not to let this influence my review.

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