Xenon Profiteer



From Eagle Gryphon Games

A review by Mawihtec

  • 2-5 Players
  • 30 Minutes
  • 10+ Age


There you are head of a state of the art air separation facility. You make a handsome profit separating the valuable gas Xenon. You niche market is becoming cramped as other companies have noticed the profits to be made. Now you need to harness the latest technology, Upgrade your facility and make the biggest supplier of Xenon.


Inside the stylish box you will discover,

  • 25 player tokens (5 per player),
  • 28 Coins,
  • 1 Game end marker,
  • Rules booklet,
  • 216 cards.


Xenon Profiteer is a lightweight filler game with a nice amount of involvement into a novel theme. First you will set up the centre tableau of gas cards alongside them you will have two lines one of contract and the other of the upgrade cards. All players will have the start of their own console and an initial starting deck of 10 cards of which they will have a starting hand of five random cards. You will be able to distil (discard) some gas cards in an order of priority. This is with the aim of having only Xenon left in your hand. This will be held in storage for fulfilling contracts. And earning more money.


After you have finished distilling gas you will be able to big or buy contracts or upgrades. Buy speaks for itself you pay the cost of the card and then have an extra cost to Install it in your system. Installed cards will allow you access to improved actions, for example extra distil actions allowing you to discard more gas cards. Bid on the other hand is slightly different. Instead of the expected auction. In the bid phase you can place a personal bid token onto a card in the centre. This stops it from being cleared. Also if another player wishes to buy the card they must also pay $1 to you. You only have 5 of these bid tokens so use them wisely.


Play continues like this until one player has completed 5 contracts or 5 upgrades. All other players will have a final turn. The player will then have a privilege token which will allow them to have either 3vp or one final turn. Highest amount of VP wins.


I will be honest here and say this was a game I very nearly passed on reviewing. This was because when I first opened the rule book I was taken aback by the fact that it was laid out and worded like a science manual. At first this felt a little inaccessible. But I am glad I persisted. Once you get past the technical jargon you will find the game instructions to be quite clear. Here is a game that will not outstay its welcome. Is quite easy to teach and has a novel theme as its concept. For a 30 minute filler game this works very nicely in game groups or meet ups. I can also see this working in a family situation with older children.


  • Nice theme.
  • Thematic artwork.
  • Easy to teach.


  • Rulebook wording.

I received a copy of “Xenon Profiteer” through BGE to review. This game has now been forwarded onto another reviewer. I have tried not to let this influence my review.

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