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Heroes of History

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Heroes of History is a 2 player combat game using decks of cards constructed from historical eras. The two decks I received to preview were “Groovy Greeks” and “Vicious Vikings” which are from the “Iron Phalanx and Dragon-boat Raiders“ a stand-alone expansion set. The original base game was the US history edition “Midnight Riders” Vs “Echoes of the Plains”. You do not need the original set to play but it has been designed to allow you to combine the sets to construct your own deck in a CCG (collectable card game) format of deck construction.

Historical Artefacts

The base set pledge available on Kickstarter will provide you with 2 decks allowing for head to head gaming when you open the box. Inside the box you will find.

  • 2 Game Mats.
  • 50 card Iron Phalanx (Greek) deck
  • 50 card Dragon-boat raiders (Viking) deck
  • 1 Rule book
  • Score tokens


Fortunately both decks will come pre-balanced with

  • 20 Combatant cards,
  • 7 Weapon cards,
  • 4 Battlefield cards,
  • 19 Supply Cards.

If you have ever played a CCG type game you will be immediately familiar with the concept. Call into play various historical figures like Thor, Leonidas or legendary figures like Bellerophon or Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons). Enhance their abilities with Weapons like Xiphos (Greek short sword). Give your self an advantage with supply cards like Ambrosia or Coin of Charon. Then attack your opponent with the aim of reducing their “State Points” (think life, mana, power, energy) to zero. Be the first to do this and go down in history, Fail and be forgotten forever.

About now most people familiar with CCG style games will be saying “ooh lots of money needed for booster packs”. Well guess what there is not a single booster pack insight. You have everything you need all in the one box. If you do want more cards you can buy the original game from your friendly Amazonian retailer. Then build the decks mixing the cards together as you wish. No buying boxes of boosters. No hunting for that super rare “Chained lightning fireball of ultimate doom-a-tron” (yes I made that one up can you tell?). The very fact that you can choose to buy extra sets to build becks qualifies it as a CCG in my opinion.

Each of the combatant cards comes in various flavours be they Soldier Hero or General with varying attack and defence stats. Weapon cards will alter these stats improving your chosen fighter supply cards will allow you to spend/regain State Points or in some way alter the effects of battle for example stopping a fighter that your opponent has just supercharged from attacking.


OK so what makes Heroes of History different from most other CCG style games then? The first thing I noticed was that every single cards has some historical “flavour” text which immediately makes the game educational as well as entertaining to play. On Cadmus’ Hero card you find out “Founder and first king of Thebes. Killed a dragon but got upstaged by Heracles” You will notice the developers have been careful not to be too heavy with the text keeping it light and accessible with some humour making you want to read it.

Then we look at the art. Each artist is credited on the card they created the art for and there is some really stunning art on show. However, some of the art is less than stellar add in that some of the styles are clearly different and you can be left feeling slightly disjointed by it. None of it is bad I will hasten to add just some is better than others. Overall While being a nice game I am not sure if there is enough “new” to temp players of other CCG’s. If you are new to the genre this is a good place to wet you toes because there is no massive outlay required to “be competitive” 


  • Educational.
  • Familiar play style.
  • No need to buy lots of booster sets.
  • Stand alone design.
  • Historical setting.


  • Art can be hit or miss.
  • New gamers might find rules confusing.
  • Very similar game to what’s already available.

I received a pre-production copy of Heroes of History to preview. This in no way affects my review or my final thoughts on the game.

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