Game of Things.

Game of Things


Quinn & Sherry inc

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  • 4+ Players (as many as you can get)
  • 12+ Age


Game of Things is a social party style game. The concept is a central “question” is asked and each player writes their response down. All responses are handed to the question reader who reads them out and you all take turns trying to guess who wrote what. If your response is correctly identified you are out. Last one standing wins the points. Most points wins


Inside your game of Things box you will find.

  • 1 Response Pad.
  • 1 Score Pad.
  • 8 Pencils.
  • 300 Topic Cards.


Each player has a response sheet and a pencil. Then the first player reads out a Topic question. These follow the lines of. “Things you wish grew on trees?”, “Something you would not do for a million dollars?” or even “This game would be better with?” Then every player will write their response down in secret and pass the paper to the first player. When all have done this All the responses are read out at random. Next player tries to guess who wrote one of the responses. If correct they score a point and the person guessed is out. They get another go. If wrong the next player gets to guess a response to a player. Last player standing scores 2 points. After set number of rounds most points wins.


The front of the rules sheet for Game of Things announces. “Humour in a box” and “The true object of the game is laughter.” Both of these are laudable aims to have. Unfortunately unless you have a particular group playing you are unlikely to have either. This might seem harsh, but in all fairness if you are playing with a family group. Chances are you will have a pretty good idea who is likely to say what either being serious or silly. I also do not know of any occasion where a room full of strangers would respond well to “Hey everyone, you don’t know me but. I Want to play a Game…of things”. It is only when you do not know people very well that you could conceivably enjoy “guessing” their answer.

Let the dust settle.

Game of Things is not a game I can recommend. I found it completely missed the mark. Either that or I missed it. I say this because I am not the intended audience. If you visit their website you can watch a clip from the Ellen Show in the US. This clip includes Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dog. See how much fun they have playing it….

There is a market out there for this game?


Free pencils.


Everything Else.

  • Replay-ability 1 / 5 (only because there are 300 topics)
  • Player Interaction 2 / 5
  • Engagement 1/ 5
  • Component Quality 1/ 5

Overall Score 10%

I received a copy of Game of Things to review. This in no way affects my review or my final thoughts on the game.

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