City Park

  City Park


Just Because Games

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  • 1-6 Players
  • 5-30 minutes
  • 8+ Age


Every so often you come across a small box game that “just feels good” to play. Just Because Games tries to achieve that with their new game City Park. You will get to build a city park but you are all working on the same park and trying to make your design the best scoring. All the while trying to make life difficult for your opponents.


Inside the preview copy of City Park I received there was.

  • 1 Game board.
  • 1 Rulebook.
  • 6 Score tracker cubes (1 per player colour).
  • 27 City Park cards.


City Parks play is deceptively simple. Each player has a hand of cards. On your turn you can place one of those cards onto the 4×4 play board. You will score various points based on what and where you laid the card. Cover up some bare earth, connecting to or finishing paths, connecting to gates or finishing the park. This makes City Park sound simple. On the surface yes it is.

However it is the restrictions on placement that really add some zing into the swing. When placing cards you must cover an empty space or alter an existing path. No dead ends allowed and if the card has a person on it you cant cover it either. There are some wildcards if you get stuck though which allow you avoid creating dead ends and finish paths. These are Playgrounds, statues and Fountains.


It is these subtle placement rules, that make you think a lot more than you would otherwise think was necessary. While there is an element of “luck” around the card draws, you won’t mind because the games are of the short and light, filler type while waiting for the main course game to arrive.

Home time.

I will admit I was surprised about City Park. When it first arrived and I opened the box, on seeing the amount of components I thought “Oh is that it”. Even after reading the rule booklet I was not certain how much of a game there was. Then I played it and played it again and again. It drew me in. I found I was enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I was genuinely surprised at the thinking I was having to do. Then there is the artwork which is in such a gentle style that it was refreshing. With a nice top down appearance. Well worth checking this one out.


  • Lightweight.
  • Filler.
  • Plays 6.
  • Short playtime even at full play count.


  • Possibly too light for some.
  • Art might not appeal to all.

Replay-ability 4/5

Player Interaction 3/5

Engagement 3/5

Component Quality preview copy

No overall Score as preview copy

I received a copy of City Park to preview. This in no way affects my review or my final thoughts on the game.

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