Beyond the Apocalypse

Wreck & Ruin

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2-4 Players

This preview is based on a pre-production prototype, provided to me by the designer.

What is Wreck & Ruin?

Imagine for a moment the apocalypse has happened (looking at you North Korea). The whole world is in ruins, torn apart by war and a desperate need to survive. Inevitably your mind will turn to films like Mad Max. Now in our scenario there is no lone road warrior. Instead the wastes are ruled by rival factions. Desperate to survive by collecting salvage. Riding around with their armoured vehicles. This is no Hollywood blockbuster though. The good guys don’t always win. Survival is all that matters. So it is time to get down and dirty destroying some trucks. Shooting the enemy in the back if you can. After all you do not want them shooting back now do you?

Search, Kill, Destroy?

Pretty much yes……….wait you want to know more, oh OK. You start the game in your own territory with 5 AP (action points) and a small task force.

  • Scouts: light armour small guns and good range.
  • Buggy: fairly light armour slightly bigger gun but shorter range.
  • Rammer: Tough and good for a little bit of shoving.
  • Big Rig: Heavily armoured and slow but good weaponry.

Each turn you will spend these valuable AP on movement, attacking, searching for salvage, repairs or trying to return scrapped vehicles back to base.

There are 4 salvage points in the middle of the modular board and it is up to your team to try to secure as much as possible. If you can hold onto it undamaged for a turn you get to keep it and then some more are placed onto the map. At the end of the game (4-6 rounds) The faction with the most tech tokens wins the game.

Sounds easy enough?

The movement and attacking is fairly straightforward within Wreck and Ruin. Use your attack stats to roll that many Dice. If you roll over their armour level you do damage. A roll of 6 is the equivalent of a critical hit and allows an extra roll to possibly deal more damage. It is possible (although highly unlikely) for a small scout to take out a heavily armoured Big Rig with a series of awesome rolls. Do not expect it often though, usually the scout will end up flattened like a bug on a wind-shield.

Just Run and Gun then?

Oh NO! Definitely not. Each faction has a unique set of abilities to allow them an edge. This being a post apocalyptic era, their resources are very limited and it is a one use deal. So correct timing is crucial. A much more common way to try to gain an edge is to search the wastelands for tech to assist you. Doing this will use up some of your valuable AP resources. The rewards however can be worth it with extra firepower, better defence or even a flying attack drone. You may even find yourself able to hijack an opponents vehicle. Again these are for the most part one shot deals but the variety within the deck is good.

Anything else?

As well as contending with the rabid onslaught of the rival factions. Each turn an Event card is revealed which has a global effect. I won’t spoil the surprise but some of them are just plain nasty.

My Thoughts.

I first discovered Wreck and Ruin back in late 2016 early 2017 when the designer was finalising his plans. After following in the background for a while I liked the progress and direction he was taking. Concentrating on a fast and fun combat experience. They demoed the prototype production copy quite successfully at the UKGE games expo 2017 in Birmingham to build interest ready for launch.

Wreck and Ruin is full on combat right from the first turn. Expect nothing short of a full on bloodbath. If you like your games full on attack then you will have an actual blast here. You can really stretch those Mad Max muscles going full on Wasteland justice.

The rulebook while still an early version was clear and fairly concise in its explanation. Lots of colourful images to really help you along. The theme in Wreck and Ruin works really well. While the copy I previewed only had early miniatures as prototypes I do know that the designer is planning some exciting changes amongst the different factions, So no generic minis here. The event cards add some great global effects. Add to this the modular style of board and replay value will likely be high.

In one of the playthroughs my group experienced player one moved out to try to get two tech tokens quickly this left them exposed and players 2 and 3 came at them from either side. Due to some lucky dice rolling, player 1 lost scouts and ramming vehicle on first round then big rig on the next round. They never really recovered from that BRUTAL. No game is perfect so here is my run down of the good and the bad.

The Good

  • Miniatures are shaping up very nicely.

  • Theme, I always wanted to pretend I was a road warrior.

  • Modular board gives increased re-playability.

  • Scales well using the different layouts.

  • Gaming Group Suitable.

  • Full on combat*

The Bad

  • 4 players board can be a bit cluttered with vehicles.

  • Dice roll luck good or bad can have a massive impact..

  • Full on combat*.

* Full on combat is listed in both good and bad due to the fact that if you like combat you will most likely enjoy this game. If you do not enjoy combat heavy games this is definitely not a game for you.


Due to launch onto Kickstarter on 3rd October 2017 I do think this is one to follow. The designer has some excellent ideas and is constantly working on improving the core game.

Definate one to watch!

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