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  • 2-6 Players
  • 15-90 minutes
  • 8+ Age

What is Scrooge?

Scrooge- The Board Game is set in the 19th Century Victorian London made famous by Dickens. It is Christmas (yes I know it is still august and technically summer). Snow has been falling, Fog abounds the streets, Fires blaze. But wait what is this ominous shadow? It is Scrooge, being mean spirited and lurking. Looking to spoil Christmas for us all. Do you have the nerve to face Scrooge? Can you save him from the “Bah Humbug” life that awaits?

What sort of game is Scrooge?

Scrooge-the Board Game is due to launch onto Kickstarter on 5th September 2017. It is at heart a Roll-&-Move game…STOP! Come back here. Yes I did say Roll-&-Move but wait a moment to read on and find out more. Here we have a very serious attempt, by some very passionate developers and publishers. To prove that with clever mechanics a game can use the age old method of luck based movement and turn it into a fun and fair game for all

What do I get in the box?

The preview copy I had was not a fully finalised version component quality wise. Even allowing for that I was genuinely impressed with the contents.

  • 1 Large Game Board.
  • 6 Player character standees.
  • 6 Character Cards.
  • Ghost Cards.
  • Money Box cards.
  • Nightmare Cards.
  • Bag of Tricks Cards
  • Heroes and Villains cards.
  • Scrooge Bank Card.
  • Scrooge Counting House Card.
  • Paper Money in 25,50,100,250 and 500 denominations
  • 1 Marley Die ( a non standard D6 with some negative number)
  • 1 Standard D6 Die

Roll and Move?!?

Yes Scrooge is Roll n Move. But it is also NOT a Roll & Move game. Confused? Let me explain, on your turn you follow this straightforward (honest) course of actions.

  • Turn over any “Bag of Tricks” cards you have been given and action them
  • Decide if you want to go forward or backward (yes you can do either) and announce it
  • Decide how you want to move. Pay, Roll 1 or 2 dice or use a “Replace Turn” Ghost Card (more on this in a minute)
  • Move to the indicated street space (collect 50G for every street you move backwards)
  • Immediately apply the action
  • optional Use “At End of Turn” Cards if desired.

How I want to move? Once you have announced which direction you are going to move. You cannot change direction mid move. You then decide your method of movement. Will you?

  • Pay 500G per Street you wish to move?
  • Play “Replace Turn” Ghost card following the action described?
  • Roll 1 or 2 Dice (if you roll both you must move the combined you cannot choose only one)
  • If you roll both dice and get a combined 0 (zero) you won’t take the street action. While a minus number means you move opposite the direction you chose.

OK that is Interesting!

The movement mechanic in Scrooge-The Board Game is a clever re-interpretation in that it is not a race to the end. You need to pick the moment when you think you can beat Scrooge in his “Moment of Truth” and turn him into a kinder and gentler man. There are 10 different actions on the streets which allow for some “Take That” shenanigans along the way. You will also encounter some spaces familiar from “other” games like Debtors’ Prison or Hospital. Add to this some “Mini Games”. There is a lot meatiness to this game than you might first expect with a family friendly game. You will uncover many different strategies the more you play. Let me just say the more I played the more options became apparent.


Yes you read that right this is a board game with “mini games” inside it these are in fact quite simple games but they again add an element of extra fun. There is

  • Scroogle- All pay 50G and choose a number from 1-6, guess correct and win the money. If no one gets the guess correct then…..Yep Scrooge gets the money.

  • Scrooge’s Haggle- All pay 50G and receive 3 “Money Box” Cards. Players then put in extra to “bet” on who has the highest total amount with them able to “Match”, “Raise” or “Drop out” Scrooge matches the highest bet. Highest total wins.

Child Friendly.

What is nice to see is the designers have thought about younger players and have designed a simpler version that is more friendly in terms of complexity towards the younger players while still making it entertaining for the grown-ups.

My thoughts.

I really enjoyed my time playing Scrooge-The Board Game and I would advise any Board Game loving Family to “give it a go”. It is the type of game that I would never say “no” to playing if the kids asked. Yes it is Roll-n-Move but this has been well mitigated by the designers. The Components are looking like they will be of a very nice standard. The Game Board itself is very bright and colourful as are all of the cards and characters. The icons are bright and easy to understand. This Game is not a game I can see being played with the older gaming groups. However It is definitely tone for the family. Especially at Christmas time (hey it is set then after all) In fact I could easily see this being played at the dining table following Christmas lunch. With Nan’s hat half over her eyes and the whole family getting into the spirit. I would like to have this in my collection if only for that time of year. I hope that it funds successfully on Kickstarter when it launches. This is a game I could easily see on the shelves of the larger non-game centric retailers next to the old favourites of Monopoly, frustration and Snakes and Ladders.

  • Engagement 4/5

  • Re-playability 4/5 at Xmas. Realistically 2/5 rest of year due to the Xmas heavy theme

  • Component Quality */* Not retail quality for review but looking good

  • Player Interaction 4/5

  • Total Score at Xmas 75%

  • Rest of year 50% (purely due to theme)

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