So Long My World

So Long My World

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Axis Mundi

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  • 1-5 Players
  • 30 minutes
  • 16+ Ages

20th June 2018 Live on Kickstarter “So Long My World”

What is ‘So Long My World’?

It is the end of the world as we know it. No I am not talking about the song either. In fact this is no Hollywood blockbuster happy ending save mankind in the last 10 minutes. Mankind is dying, the candle is going out. This IS the last day in fact the last few hours! No do-overs no final saving grace. Your not the hero of the piece, nor are you the villain. You are just an average person who has just been told mankind will cease to exist in 12 hours. What do you do? What would you the player do? This is the question that needs asking. Will you try to be with your loved ones to spend the last few precious hours together? Will you go on a bloodlust fuelled rampage with no fear of retribution or punishment? Or will you not face those last hours choosing instead to end your time prematurely? Difficult questions with difficult answers. Look inside yourself. Just what would you do?

What is in my Box?

I was sent a preview copy of So Long My World so component quality and quantity was not finalised. There was also some rulebook editing required. That being said the contents I received were,

  • Clock to time end of mankind,
  • Remnant cards,
  • Gestalt cards,
  • Event cards,
  • End cards,
  • Reference cards for players,
  • Rule/Scenario book,
  • Vision Tarot sized cards,
  • First player token,
  • Time token,
  • Vision tokens,
  • Feelings tokens,
  • Mark of Sol tokens.

16+ Really?

YES. So Long My World is dealing with a very dark concept and as such it uses some dark artwork to depict death and Slaughter on the vision cards. There is also the underlying theme, the end of humankind and how you would react in that situation. As such I strongly advise you bear that in mind. This is a dark theme that is not suitable for younger audiences.

How does it work?

The game begins with the Vision cards being set out. The event deck is then constructed. Players are given 2 of the remnant starting cards and 3 random from a shuffled remaining deck. Gestalt cards and feeling tokens are set out with players choosing either a Hope or Madness Feelings token to start the game. They are also given a set of Vision tokens matching the centre Vision images. After everything is laid out according to the rulebook (including the time on the clock till the games end) play can begin. Over a number of rounds play is split into 5 Phases,

  • Event– The top card from the Event deck is revealed. This allocates Feelings tokens to the various Vision cards. The first player must also resolve the Event revealed. This is often a choice that must be made.
  • Choice– Each player secretly decides which Vision they wish to visit by placing a Vision token into their hand. These are revealed simultaneously with the aim of collecting the required Feelings to play Remnant cards.
  • Hinder– Players may in turn order spend Feelings to play Hinders. This will allow them to change turn order, change a selected Vision or even immediately claim Feeling tokens from a Vision.
  • Vision– This phase is broken into,
  1. Effect-players can choose to activate a Vision ability,
  2. Drain-take up to two Feelings or one that matches the Vision from the central system or 1 Mark of Sol or draw a card.
  3. Play cards– spending Feelings allows players to activate a card for a one time effect or on some occasions a permanent ability.
  4. Spend Marks of Sol– This will allow drawing Gestalt cards or ignoring a Reboot effect or gain end game points.
  • End– First player passes to the left, Time counter advances one hour (when it reaches XII the game ends)

Is it really the end?

The End of all things. When the time runs out, humanity ceases to exist, Forever! In the last few moments before the final death, players can reflect. Did they become who they were meant to be or was it wasted living a lie?

The players total up their insight points with the highest amount winning and showing themselves as truly them.




There is some clever strategy on display in So Long My World. With the hidden Vision selection and Hinder cards allowing you to try to mess with others decision so you can benefit. Ultimately it boils down to collecting the right matching symbols to be able to play cards and when/if to spend Marks of Sol.

Who is it for?

This is not a family game it has a dark theme that really sets that out from the start. An exception would possibly with a family with older children. It is a game I could see a game group playing either at the start or end of an evening. Again the theme might be off-putting for some. Game meet ups is more the audience for this game given it has a 30 minute estimated length. My difficulty in suggestion is some players may find examining inner madness and desires along with the end of humankind either disturbing or upsetting depending on personal situation and/or belief.

My thoughts.

When I was first asked about So Long My World I was very intrigued and a little concerned. How would such a sensitive subject matter be handled? The designers could have very easily gone wide of the mark with humorous art or attempts at brevity. However I have to tip my hat in respect, they have avoided those obvious pitfalls. I will also add that this has been a hard review to write while remaining as impartial as possible due to my own personal circumstances over the past year. So an attempt at a fair summary would be.

As a straightforward game the gameplay is lightweight and fairly easy to learn. Some nice light strategic choices help it flow well.


If you can immerse yourself completely in its theme so that you really resonate with the choices, decision and flavour text. It will become a much more unsettling, thought provoking insight into your own psyche.

So on that basis my recommend or not is based on the immersed game experience instead of just gameplay

  • For my shelf – Yes
  • Recommend a friend – Maybe
  • Play again – Yes

I Was provided a copy of So Long My World for preview. This game has now been passed onto another reviewer. I have tried to make this review as impartial as possible. No recompense was provided or sought for this review from the publisher.

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